Reed & Baum are excited to be partnering with SDL Auctions to offer Timed and Traditional Auctions.

Here is a quick FAQ for you...

Why would you choose Auction as a way to sell your home?

Auctions offer far more security that an open market sale. Once the hammer (gavel) has fallen your buyer pays a deposit meaning they have exchanged contracts. Giving you peace of mind.

Are all properties that go to Auction run down or desperate to sell?

Some are yes, some of the best investment properties are purchased through auction. But not all properties placed into an auction are like that.

Auction is a perfect solution if your circumstances mean you have a deadline or timescale to work to. If you are selling your property with no upward chain (you are not buying another property to move to) then selling via auction can give you security and a sale far quicker than going to the open market.

How much does it cost to sell a property through a Reed & Baum auction?

It's simple, for FREE, yes that’s right, we really mean you can sell with NO FEES if you choose Auction with Reed & Baum. We offer 0% commission and there are no upfront costs to list your property. There isn't a catch, we get paid from the purchaser's reservation fee.

To find out more, please speak to Aidan or Martyn.

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