Martyn and Laura, partners at work and home, run the business on a daily basis and have worked closely together for years dovetailing their individual strengths. If you pop in, call or book an appointment you will meet or speak to one of us, keeping it on a personal level and therefore providing unparalleled service to our clients.

Aidan, has been a renowned estate agent throughout Charnwood for many decades. As a trio, they have worked together in various forms since the late 1990’s and share the same values and ethos around relationships with clients. 

Something you may not know is that Aidan and Martyn are estate agents that train other estate agents across the country. This puts us in a position to collaborate with some of the most successful estate agents throughout the UK, to keep in line with market trends and continually share best practice. 

The knowledge on tap for you is second to none, having assisted thousands of home movers across Quorn, Loughborough, the surrounding Charnwood villages and the East Midlands. Martyn, Laura and Aidan’s passion is to simplify your move and the process. They work to get you the best possible price for your property in a timeframe that suits you whilst taking away as much of the stress as possible.

Estate agency isn’t about property. It’s about people. The seller, the buyer, the other people involved in the transaction.