It’s a sure bet that most people who click on this page are thinking that ‘all estate agents are the same’, what are Reed & Baum going to tell us which is different?

We can assure you that not all estate agents are the same.

Let us explain why. Let us show you why Reed & Baum are different?

Simply put, we put people first.

The common misconception is that estate agency is about property, it really is not. It’s about people. The seller, the buyer, the other people involved in the transaction. It’s all about people.

Therefore, when we put the people front and centre, we address the common mistakes many estate agents make which leads to the industry having a terrible reputation.

Martyn and Aidan are the estate agents who train other estate agents. They have decades of experience between them which they share amongst the property industry pushing best practice and doing things the right way. A core pillar of Reed & Baum’s mission is to change how people view estate agents. By doing things the right way, understanding their customers goals and help them to achieve them. We need your help to achieve our mission, we need you to tell everyone the experience you have enjoyed along your journey.

The knowledge on tap for you is second to none, having assisted thousands of home movers across Quorn, Loughborough, the surrounding Charnwood villages and the East Midlands. Aidan and Martyn’s passion is to simplify your move and the process. They work to get you the best possible price for your property in a timeframe that suits you whilst taking away as much of the stress as possible.